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If you or someone you  know is struggling with active addiction, looking for sober support, need help dealing with a loved one's substance use, or have lost someone to this crippling disease,

Call or text our 24-hour HOPE line: 


We've been there and we care.

There is hope.


Trigger Warning: Some photos and videos on this website include imagery of drug paraphernalia and other subjects that certain individuals may find triggering. 

Needles Picked Up


Lunches handed out


People Helped into Recovery


1/12/20 - Hope Dealers BTC Inc was presented with our first official grant allocation.

Thank you Spectrum!

Addiction Awareness and Recovery Advocates

Community Clean up, Outreach,

Support Services, Education, Events

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Rock bottom became the solid foundation
on which I rebuilt my life. 

J.K. Rowling

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