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Our Operations

Volunteers embrace each other at our 2018 Walk for Addiciton Awareness

 Support  & 
Resource Navigation 

We are your bridge to change for mental health and human services resources.

Support Group

 Multiple Pathways 
to Recovery 

A unique support group podcast where people come together to discuss different ways to achieve recovery success.

Handing out a bagged lunch to a person on the street at winter time


Giving others what they need, when they need it. Connecting with humans in need and spreading hope.

Narcan on board car window cling

 Harm Reduction  & 
Sharps Removal 

There are extreme risks associated with active substance use. Some of those risks can be reduced, and we can help with that.

Hands dialing a cell phone

Answering Service 

Obtain general information or access any of our services by leaving a message and one of our volunteers will call you back as soon as possible.

Hope Dealers table set up at our 2023 Hopesgiving / Bridge to Change Resource Fair event


Bringing awareness to the issues and educating the community is an integral part of the foundation on which we were built.

Service Area

County map of NY state with Monroe and the surrounding counties highlighted

We conduct the majority of our operations within the city of Rochester, and we specialize in the navigation of services offered within the Greater Rochester area.

Our support services will never be limited by geographic location. Anyone, anywhere, may reach out to us for personal support. We will always do our best to help with resource navigation, but most of our connections and expertise are based on services available within our area. 

 Support & 
Resource Navigation 

We are your bridge to change.


We are a support group. We are each other’s chosen family. All of our volunteers and participants care for each other and the individuals we serve very profoundly.

We also offer more traditionally structured supportive services such as resource referrals, support in navigating mental health and human services resources, and our  Multiple Pathways to Recovery substance-use support group.

Bridge icon
Bridge icon
Volunteers out doing outreach on the street.

During outreach we... 

...strive to spread hope and positivity within the community. We distribute essential items such as food, clothing, and other supplies to those in need without any questions. Our support is available to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. We offer hot coffee during the winter, refreshing lemonade during the summer, bagged lunches, and other basic necessities. Additionally, we provide harm reduction supplies like Narcan, fentanyl/xylazine test strips, and safe sex kits to ensure the safety and well-being of those who need them.

​We also accept donations during Outreach hours. The items we need most are listed below.

  • New underwear and socks

  • Winter coats and boots

  • Mens pants, sizes M-2Xl (30-38)

For a full list visit our Donate page.


Answering Service 


Click to call

You can access all of our services, 24 hours a day, through the Hopeline.

If you are looking for a referral for treatment services or some other resource, you can call us. 

If you are in need of food, clothing, toiletries, or other essential items, you can call us.

If you just need someone to talk to because you're struggling with your own or a loved one's substance use, recovery, or anything else, you can call us. 

Leave a message, any time day or night, and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible to assist with your situation, however possible.

We also accept text messages!


 Multiple Pathways to
Recovery Support Group

Multiple Pathways icon logo; multiple bi-directional arrows in various shades of purple crossing each other
Multiple Pathways icon logo; multiple bi-directional arrows in various shades of purple crossing each other

The Amy Sellhorst

The only "correct" pathway to recovery is the one that works!

Become a part of this judgment-free community where we come together to learn from each other what it really takes to claim freedom in your life. Find out what has worked for real people in actual situations that once seemed impossible to overcome. We will not focus solely on substance use disorder recovery but on recovery from everything that holds us back from having the most fulfilling life possible.  

Guests are welcome and encouraged to contact us if you have a story or information that you'd like to share.

We recover together!

Click below for dates, times, and more information.


 Harm Reduction & 
Sharps Removal 

Harm reduction saves lives.


Harm reduction is a public health approach that aims to reduce the negative consequences associated with substance use.

Our harm reduction efforts include distributing of life-saving Narcan, Fentanyl and Xylazine test strips, and sexual wellness items and information.


A free

Narcan logo

kit or training, 

safe sex kits, or fentanyl and xylazine test strips.

I need: (please check all that apply)

Form submission successful! Our Harm Reduction Team will contact you as soon as possible.


An area in need of hazardous sharps removal service.

Form submission successful! Our Harm Reduction Team will contact you as soon as possible.



Substance Use Disorder is a condition that is not widely understood, and people need to be educated about what it is, how it can manifest, and its close connection to other mental health and trauma-related disorders.


To help people understand the disease, we use facts and data and provide real-life examples of people who are living with Substance Use Disorder or those who have loved ones who are struggling with it. Educating society, especially young people, is the key to overcoming this epidemic. We offer educational presentations and tabling at community events to further this mission.

Presentations may include: 

  • Online or in-person oral presentations about Hope Dealers BTC's services and operations.

  • Opioid Overdose Reversal training using Narcan, including free kits. 

  • Slideshows of facts and data related to substance use, overdose, and recovery.

  • Personal shares from people who live with Substance Use Disorder and have found recovery. 

  • Real stories from people who have/had loved ones in active addiction or have lost someone they love to overdose.

We welcome anyone, for any reason, to set up an educational awareness presentation for your group or community. 

schools • church groups • rehabilitation facilities • businesses • youth groups

scouts meetings • industry conferences • public and private events

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