Narcan Training

Narcan is a life-saving opiate overdose reversal drug. 

Hope Dealers BTC Inc, as an Official NYS Opioid Overdose Prevention Program, will train New York State residents to recognize the signs of an overdose, how to administer Narcan, details about the Good Samaritan Law, and how to obtain refills of Narcan using the NCAP program. 

Save a life! Get trained!

Register below for one of our bi-weekly, evening, online Narcan training sessions or

get information about our weekly, in-person, drive-thru training. 

All sessions, both in-person and online, include a FREE Narcan kit.

Hope Dealers BTC Inc.

Mailing Address: 

1485 Howard Road 64264

PO Box 64264

Rochester, NY 14624




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