Multiple Pathways
to Recovery

We are extremely proud to present

a new type of recovery support group meeting.

Our organization stands firm in the belief that each person’s journey to freedom from an activity that makes their lives unmanageable is unique, personal, and needs to be supported to be effective. Relying on what evidence-based research says about effective recovery methods, many sources agree that making multiple pathways available leads to a successful recovery. It always comes down to what works best for the individual.

Please Join Us!

Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday

of each month

Our vision consists of not just supporting the idea of multiple pathways, we will be teaching it! 

We will encourage the use of non-stigmatizing language as an attempt to break through barriers and  stereotypes that make it hard to establish genuine connection for a lot of people. At each meeting a pathway will be presented for discussion with the group to help learn more about the different ways others have achieved success in recovery.

This will be a NO JUDGEMENT zone.

The intention of these meetings is provide a safe place for people to come and be supported on THEIR path. This applies to anyone whose life has or had become unmanageable due to an activity or substance. The only criteria for participation is that you agree to never judge any other person's pathway. You should enter the space with an open mind and conduct yourself in a way that allows everyone to feel safe on their path, no matter where they are on it. We respectfully request anyone in attendance to refrain from bringing any drugs on the meeting premises.

Meetings will begin with an “Open Floor” to grab a refreshment, meet new people, and greet your friends and fellow supporters. The Hope Dealer’s representative running the meeting will then welcome everyone, give basic information about the meeting, and introduce the evening's host. The host will share their personal story with the group. Together, the representative and the host will help to educate the group on the presented pathway, and allow time for questions.

If you are interested in being a host at our meeting to present your own pathway to the group, please contact us at or call us on the Hopeline, (585)633-8690 x222. 

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